Video inspections take the guesswork out of plumbing problems

If you have been experiencing plumbing problems, or you’re worried about the old plumbing in that house you are thinking about buying, call Binbrook Plumbing & Heating in Binbrook, Ontario, for a video inspection.

It probably won’t be a video you’ll share with family and friends, but plumbing inspection videos can be very valuable in taking the guesswork out of potential plumbing problems.

If you are experiencing slow drains or suspect you may have a leak somewhere, it can be pretty costly to dig up or expose hidden lines. A plumbing inspection camera is a non-destructive method of inspecting the condition of your pipes or locating blockages, leaks or weaknesses before they become a major problem.

One small, undetected leak in your pipes can waste thousands of gallons of water a year and result in a high water bill. Many homebuyers are having a plumbing camera inspection done before purchasing a home, to avoid costly repairs. It can also save you money if you experience a plumbing problem and the cause isn’t obvious to you or your plumber. Camera inspections take out the guesswork.

Binbrook Plumbing & Heating offers professional camera inspections for their customers with plumbing problems or as part of routine maintenance to detect any weaknesses or defects. Over time, plumbing can become misaligned, crushed or damaged from corrosion, tree roots or shifting soil. Spotting potential problems early gives you a chance to find a solution or plan for an upgrade before it becomes a major repair.

Binbrook Plumbing & Heating has over 25 years of plumbing and heating experience. Their professionals will help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your systems and help keep them in good repair with regular maintenance. They provide services for residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Binbrook, Hamilton, Halton and Grimsby communities. For more information, visit their website or call them at 905-549-7252.

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