Modern underfloor heating systems are efficient, dependable

Many homeowners are opting for alternative heating systems, so Binbrook Heating & Plumbing in Binbrook, Ontario, looks at some of the benefits of underfloor heating options.

There is a resurgence in the popularity of underfloor heating, which dates back to Roman times. It can be especially appealing in homes that have laminate or ceramic tile flooring, which often feel cool during the winter months in homes with forced air heating systems or electric baseboards.

Today’s underfloor heating systems operate much more efficiently, with decreased operating costs and higher dependability than other systems. One of the biggest attractions is the comfort of stable ambient heat with less air movement, drafts and temperature fluctuations.

An underfloor hot water radiant system has a low operating temperature, and the heat is concentrated on the floor rather than rising to the ceiling like with other systems. It is also virtually silent and unseen, so there are no ducts or radiators contributing to dust collection and particles blowing around the home.

Another big advantage is the ability to adjust the temperature from room to room, as they may have different heating requirements; however, an underfloor heating system works best under a constant temperature, as it takes longer to heat a room than conventional systems do.

Underfloor heating can also provide a great solution for specific areas in the home that have cold, ceramic tile flooring. This type of underfloor system is designed to keep the tiles warm and comfortable, not to heat an entire room.

Installing underfloor heating is best handled by professionals like Binbrook Plumbing & Heating and is better suited to certain types of flooring. If you are looking for alternatives or need to replace your current system, their experts can assess your home and offer the best heating solutions. They have been providing heating and plumbing solutions to the communities of Binbrook, Hamilton, Halton and Grimsby for over 25 years.

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